November 2017

Dear Members,

Hello! Apologises for the lack of recent emails – it’s all been a bit busy here at Secretary central! Indeed, so busy that in fact after Christmas I am no longer going to be able to fulfil this role. It has been my privilege and pleasure to be able to assist the Society over the last 5 years but it really is now time for a new person to step into the position. The question is – is it you? A few hours a month is all that’s required – a meeting and some correspondence outside of this. Please have a think and see if you might be able to help! Meetings are generally on a Monday (they could be moved if not convenient!).


7th December 2017 – SEJLD are holding their Christmas Cocktail Making Masterclasses. Contact SEJLD for tickets in advance.


The Brabners case has been causing much consternation to Conveyancing practitioners. The Law Society intervened and is in the process of updating their practice note on VAT on disbursements. When updated, it will be found here.

It is thought it will be broadly in line with the advice in the attached bulletin from Wilkins Kennedy.

Beware of Find A Solicitor! A fraudster infiltrated the Law Society tool of Find A Solicitor, so it’s not something that can be relied upon to confirm a Solicitor in a transaction is real.


GDPR. What is this? General Data Protection Regulation aka the new Data Protection legislation that is coming in next May. Does it apply to you? Yes. It applies to all firms. Even with Brexit? Yes. What do I need to do? Start learning about it, appoint an officer, audit your data and make sure you’re compliant!

Some top tips:

More information:

The Anti-Money Laundering supervisors have agreed draft legal sector anti-money laundering guidance, accounting for the changes post the Anti Money Laundering Regulations 2017. In the meantime, here’s some quick tips.

There’s a new Practice Note on Closing down your practice –the regulatory requirements.

The SRA are consulting on changes to the Solicitors Handbook – and their proposed revised Enforcement Strategy. This includes transitional arrangements for the introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). There is a guide on the SQE (the new way of qualifying as a Solicitor) here.

The SOSDLS Bulletin will also be found on our website:

We do try and get everything right in this bulletin - but it is meant as an update only and we urge every member to make their own enquiries rather than rely definitively on something we've written. If you do require clarification, then feel free to email us and we'll be happy to try and help.

Committee Members
President – Andrew Hurrell; Vice-President – William Todman; Secretary - Liz Connolly; Treasurer - Aidan O'Donoghue; Immediate Past President: Jeffrey Conway; Conveyancing - Eddie Lee; Civil Litigation - Jerry Nathan; Criminal Litigation – vacant; Press& Public Relations – Mark Rothman; Parliamentary Liaison - Andrew Hurrell; Young Solicitors Representative – Anne-Marie Rainsford; Entertainment – Anne-Marie Rainsford; Education and Training – vacant; Regional Representative – Jack Dunkley; Law Society Council Member - Tony Fisher; Ordinary Members: Paul Fenton, Greg Hunter, George Kloosman, Keith Simpson.

To contact any member of the Committee, please contact the Secretary in the first instance (by replying to this email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)